Monday, January 5, 2009

National Hangover Day

So after i talked to kristi, me and caroline head over to her apartment in St marks place and although we are an hour late, Kristi and Lauren have not drank all the booze. We promptly pour glasses of champagne. Oh this will not do, i want to get drunk tonight. I grab the bottle of tequila from the fridge and add a shot to my glass. Thats better

We decide to play Kings and after deciding on the rules, we start. By the end of game one, we have 4 bottles of champagne down. I have 2 or so extra shots of tequila. We head out for a cigarette.

On the fire escape, the guys who live next door, yell to us, WHERES THE PARTY!? so we invite them over. They arrive and we start another round of kings. I ordered pizza at some point and i am eating it. Another round of kings later, we have 6 bottles of champagne down and i am drunk. FINALLY! i recognize my happy place and stop drinking.

For unknown reasons, i am angry. Happy place gone. I grab a 40 from the fridge and sit on the stairs waiting for caroline. She is shamelessly flirting (in my eyes) with random guy number 3 and i am not happy. I drink and wait and when she comes, we silently leave. I am pissed and drunk, i openly drink my 40 while we stroll down saint marks place. Caroline stops to pee in an alley and then we arrive at astor place. The train isnt running. AWESOME LETS FUCKING WALK. We start walking and at one point she runs away from me. I hold a fucking peppy LePew pace and walk. I pass her and keep going. We make up by the time were back to her dorm and she passes out. I stay up on facebook and then i pass out too.

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