Monday, January 5, 2009

New years

So i haven't written in a while. Been to drunk and busy. I've drank a few nights that i didnt write about. Nothing really happened, my breathalyzer got stolen, got drunk a few times...same old same old.

New years morning i wake up with the intention of pregaming for new years night. I get a bottle of jack, and i start drinking.

by about 6 it becomes apparent that i'm too ADD to pregame,o i say fuck it. We head to the party at about 9.

We arrive and i start swigging from the bottle of jack, and we watch the Twilight Zone marathon. I don't know if youve seen this show but omg. I love this show. Anyways. at about 10:30 my friend matt is passed out on the couch, and we decided to go to a loft party down the street. We brave the freezing cold weather (2 degrees) and head over. we get there and there is baout 50 15-17 year old kids out front. oh and cops. FUUUUCK THIS.
so we wait for the group to reform and i start taking swigs from my bottle on the street. I see a boy wearing no jacket. WTF IS HE THINKING. i shake his hand and ask how old they are. They reply "21." and puff out their chests. "BULLSHIT YOUR 14. Go to the party. the cops are gone".

With that our group is full and we walk back to the apartment. I realize that there area about 10 kids following us. Wtf? Im pissed. i dont want to drink with 15 year olds. When we arrive at the apartment, the kids say "where are we going?" i say, "Upstairs, first door to your left, apartment 202" and then i duck downstairs. I am a god. ALL the 15 year olds go up and all my friends go down to our apartment party. hehehe, im a bastard.

between 11:30 and midnight, i pound the bottle of jack from half full to empty and start my 22 of coors. Me, and dave and jake head upstairs to see whats up at the other parties. We go to 2 or 3 and theyre all the same. At one point i head to the bathroom, and while in line a british kid offers me a shot. At first i say no but then i pour one and we toast. Then i pour another and we take it. then we toast some champagne and i go to the bathroom. Oh no. This drunk thing crept up on me. I am officially drunk. I crack open my 2nd 22 oz. and start drinking more. More drinks equals more liquid equals diluted drinks right? Well thats what i thought. After a few more trips to a few parties, me and caroline decide to leave. We hop on the train and get back to the dorm at about 2 or 3. I feel like a loser being back so early, but as soon as i get up stairs, I get naked, puke once or twice and hop in the bathtub. OMG I love baths. I shut my eyes and then im being awakened by caroline telling me not to fall asleep...whoops, too late. After nearly drowning in a bathtub once before due to liqour i decide to get out of the damn tub.

I crawl into bed with caroline and pass the fuck out. I awake with no ill feelings and receive a call from Kristi and lauren. They have a shit ton of extra liqour left over and want to get rid of it. I'm sooooo on that. We make plans to hang out later in the night. Here we go again.

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