Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Note to self..

Write about the casino weekend
-head rests
-stopping to pee
-morning drive
-blackout rum drive home
write about high school grad
write about party at my house
write about pary in BPT at jess's
write about sarah in the city
write about kati in the city
write about tassys 21st...if you can remember...
write about sarah kristi and cosmoritas.

Got a bit of writing to do guys...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Club in Hartford

So a few days back, me and lillie went to her friend dorians house and when were on the way, we had them pick up a bottle of JD. We play video games and drink. Suddenly the bottle is gone. Oh well. We had plans to go to a club in hartford since our friend jen had an ex boyfriend DJing that night. So we head over to jens and when we arrive, i put the last 2 shots of the JD into my mouth. Lillie complains that i didnt leave her any, so i jokingly put my lips out like i want her to just get a squirt into her mouth. She actually does come up and and take a bit. Someone just took a shot out of my mouth. EPIC. So we drive to hartford with donny and jen, in Donnys bimmer. We arrive and the manager comes over to me lillie and jen and asks us what bottle we want. we happily order a bottle of jack and sit down. They bring over he most elaborate bucket of ice, coke, and glasses. I was just going to pass the bottle around but i guess he had other ideas. Later, im out side smoking with jen and lillie when some hoodrats come over in a charger and start cat callign jena nd lillie. One says "You can haf' bof' dem to yo'se'f" so i respond by looking into the car and saying naw but i can take all three of you guys, and smiling at them and then putting my hands up like im sucking dicks and make motions like im jacking them off onto me. they get all pissed and tell jen and lillie to jump in, at which point i say, 'Don't mind if i do boys!" and try to sit down. Thats when they get agitated and we walk in. About 3 drinks in, im hungry so i go to eat with lillie and jen remarks "guess im no as drunk as you, ill just catch up." When me and lillie get back from eating, jen is nearly passed out, and boots into a few cups and then actually passes out. I take off my sweater and give it to her as a pillow. eventually the jacks gone, so i go buy 2 beers for me and lillie. Followed by 2 more. lillie drinks 1 and im left to drink the other 3. I go out to smoke a cigarette and some hot girl with an accent goes to sit down next to me bu its dirty on he ledge so i move over clean off he ledge because i'm just in jeans and shes in a while pants. But she doesn't sit on the newly cleaned ledge. She sits right in my lap. Shes a lithuanian nanny or some shit. I couldn't pay attention. From where i was sitting, i could see right down the front of her shirt so. EY OHHHHHH. But yeah, she leaves with her friend and soon after that, me jen and donny leave. As we carry donnys stuff to his car, the crowd out side claps for donny and we all feel special. We wake jen up enough to get the car and leave. When we get to jens house to pick up our car, Me and lillie make the horrible decision of driving home. Now i'm against drunk driving...but i was drunk, what can i do? so she passes me the keys and i head home. Its a little hard but i'm fine, until we reach bridgeport. With only 4 exits to go, the world turns into a kaleidoscope. Im driving 65 but it feels like 165. We get off the exit and go to andrews. I pop a another beer and a few minues later i hope back into the car and we drive home. Im feeling pretty lit so when me and lillie get home, we just pass out. It was a fun night.

Drinks: 2 bottles of jack split between 3 people plus 3 beers.
drunk level: 7 before driving, 9 while driving

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


SO. A family found my blog some time ago, and i was waiting for the heat to go down on it. But not i'm back and ill be updating a few times a month hopefully. I'm thinking ill tell some excerpts from the last few months.

-Got drunk and walked in the rain around the corner with no shirt or shoes on, proceeded to unknowingly hit on a girl by telling her she had the most beautiful blues eyes ive ever seen. Smoked my cigarette into the filter. Kristi and lauren came out to find me and a dude in a car pulled a gun on them. Honest to god.

-Left a party in brooklyn with a friend named Sarah. Proceeded to black out. Only think i remember between brooklyn and st marks place is sitting down on the floor waiting for the subway, and proceeding to fall over and lay on the floor as people stepped over me, with sarahs head in my lap.

-Others things that ill add if i remember. All i can say is that the drinking increased to about 5 or 6 nights a week. Ive slowed down to only a time or 2 a week of getting wasted.

Hope you guys stick around, there will be more updates.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

White trash bonanza...for reals.

At about 6 me and caroline get dressed for the white trash themed birthday party. Oh did it get trashy....we walk down to kristi's. for 2 hours there is no one else really there. me and caroline go next door and start drinking. some creepy fat kid starts pouring shots and after like 4 or 5, i complain that hes a pussy and pour a few shots of whiskey. they all whimper as i divide the shots up and then we take them. Glorious.

So i hear screams and i walk back into bobs apartment to see the sight of bob being punched in the head by some talk ghetto kid. I run up behind him, put him in a sleeper hold and pull him to the door. we have shit regulated and bobs shirt is ripped. 30 seconds later, the kid is back with his fat 6 foot 2 friend. Everything is on the verge of breaking but were still being diplomatic. Then the original kid steps in and punches bob again. he gets a few punches off until i grab him by the throat again and then i see a bottle whizzing towards my head. Luckily the poor boy who i have in asleeper hold, blocks the bottle with his head. blood pours from his head and i pull him to the floor. He smacks his head on the stove before landing on a few empty 40's. a few more punches are thrown before we finally wrestle them out of the apartment. At some point, kristi and caroline come out of kristis apartment and stare at me, jaws on the floor. Everyones looking at me, as if i have 10 heads. its at this point that my face and foot is covered in blood. Everyone is trying to clean me up. im convinced its not my blood and i light a cigarette as kaitlin (bobs gf) cleans my face. we hear a knock and guess what? they're back again. I push my way into the hallway, slamming one dude in the throat and shutting the door. some girl is talkign shit to kristi and asking for paper towels so i throw a roll at her and push her and her friends down the hallway. Some kid kevin steps up to kristi like hes going to hit her. I step in between and throw my face at his. He steps back and they start to leave. after a bit more talking, they are all down the stairs and i walk back into the apartment. were all screaming, Dani is near tears, allen is in tears and were all shaking. Just want to say that kristi held it down and ripped the hair out of that chicks skull. Kristi represented that shit. She saw me with blood in my head and totally wrecked her. Caroline was there spirit. anyways. i get cleaned up, im bleeding from my feet and face. I get cleaned up, give Dani a hug and do a shot with her. Then we all sit on kristi's couch and recount our tales of the fight.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Justin Campbell

Name: Justin Campbell

Age: 11

Favorite Mixed drink: mind eraser

Favorite beer: beer.

Favorite liquor: jack daniels

Favorite drinking song: 99 bottles of beer on the wall

Best drunk memory or story: naked navy seals

would you rather have a 40 or a 30? thirtys all day

Random fact about you: i have a bellybutton


Name:Matt Mattice


Favorite Mixed drink:Long Island Iced Tea

Favorite beer: Molson XXX

Favorite liquor: Vodka

Favorite drinking song: The Parting Glass

Best drunk memory or story: Way too many

would you rather have a 40 or a 30?:A 100

Random fact about you:I wrote a children's book in college

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daves Birthday

At 10:30 Me and caroline head to the mckibbon lofts for my friend daves birthday. I meet up with my friend David and we walk into the party. Theres a DJ, about 70 or so kids and the place is packed, hazy and hot. I crack open my first beer and light a cigarette. we talk for a while. And then me and Dave head out to find another party across the street.

The cops are outside so we go back inside but Kristi and lauren call me and say theyre almost there but what to do because of the cops. I tell them to come on in because a ton of people just came in with bags of beer. Just to be safe, krisit takes her I.d. and throws it behind her back to lauren who catches it and hides it. The cops stop kristi and start giving her shit but she sticks to be 22 and losing her ID. the cops just say fuck it and let them in.

Thats how i remember it happening. but Lauren had a problem with it so she re-wrote it in bullet form and relayed it to me via IM. Heres her version and the problem she had with my version

kristi threw her id to me when the cops told her to stand against the wall
she said she was 21
and she didnt have her id
not that she lost it

Theyre SO lucky. the next interesting part of the night, was towards the end. about 2am i go into daves room with caroline and we go in his little loft area above his bed and sit on the couch. theres no one up there and caroline start to pass out. We talk for a bit and then jake comes up and passes out on the floor. Caroline asks me to go get chips so i get up and go. When i return. for some reason i climb into the top part of daves room through a little window about 10 feet up a wall...I dont know why, but it seemed like a good idea. I eat some chips. drink my 5th 24oz can and suddenly have no shirt on. At some point some people are upstairs with me and caroline, and her and her friend are throwing shit at the people on the dance floor. Then she starts going through Daves shit. She finds a little baggie of pot and goes "cool got some pot" and puts it in her pocket. WTF? Really? so i get it back from her and she gets all angry and leaves. By 5 oclock. its almost cleared out and so i put on a song to end the night which im not sure what it was. after the song ends. i get onto the couch with caroline and we pass out almost immedietly.

Im awoken at 10:30 by daves alarm. I want to die. im deathly hung over. I go back to sleep until 1 when i get up, smoke a cig and start heping them clean. we fill 6 bags with cans and bags and the place is still a mess, but i have to leave. so i take the trash out and walk back to the subway.