Saturday, February 28, 2009

White trash bonanza...for reals.

At about 6 me and caroline get dressed for the white trash themed birthday party. Oh did it get trashy....we walk down to kristi's. for 2 hours there is no one else really there. me and caroline go next door and start drinking. some creepy fat kid starts pouring shots and after like 4 or 5, i complain that hes a pussy and pour a few shots of whiskey. they all whimper as i divide the shots up and then we take them. Glorious.

So i hear screams and i walk back into bobs apartment to see the sight of bob being punched in the head by some talk ghetto kid. I run up behind him, put him in a sleeper hold and pull him to the door. we have shit regulated and bobs shirt is ripped. 30 seconds later, the kid is back with his fat 6 foot 2 friend. Everything is on the verge of breaking but were still being diplomatic. Then the original kid steps in and punches bob again. he gets a few punches off until i grab him by the throat again and then i see a bottle whizzing towards my head. Luckily the poor boy who i have in asleeper hold, blocks the bottle with his head. blood pours from his head and i pull him to the floor. He smacks his head on the stove before landing on a few empty 40's. a few more punches are thrown before we finally wrestle them out of the apartment. At some point, kristi and caroline come out of kristis apartment and stare at me, jaws on the floor. Everyones looking at me, as if i have 10 heads. its at this point that my face and foot is covered in blood. Everyone is trying to clean me up. im convinced its not my blood and i light a cigarette as kaitlin (bobs gf) cleans my face. we hear a knock and guess what? they're back again. I push my way into the hallway, slamming one dude in the throat and shutting the door. some girl is talkign shit to kristi and asking for paper towels so i throw a roll at her and push her and her friends down the hallway. Some kid kevin steps up to kristi like hes going to hit her. I step in between and throw my face at his. He steps back and they start to leave. after a bit more talking, they are all down the stairs and i walk back into the apartment. were all screaming, Dani is near tears, allen is in tears and were all shaking. Just want to say that kristi held it down and ripped the hair out of that chicks skull. Kristi represented that shit. She saw me with blood in my head and totally wrecked her. Caroline was there spirit. anyways. i get cleaned up, im bleeding from my feet and face. I get cleaned up, give Dani a hug and do a shot with her. Then we all sit on kristi's couch and recount our tales of the fight.

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