Saturday, February 21, 2009


Friday night, kristi informed me that her and lauren were drinking and that me and caroline were invited. Then she told me they had free drinks and while they were drinking cosmos i figured its better than nothing so at about 10:30ish me and caroline headed down to St Marks. We arrive to a new boy in the apartment. Alan lives next door. we start drinking and about 4 drinks in, were out of vodka and im sober. caroline gets her champagne and starts it up. after a glass shes tipsy. im not wearing a shirt becaus ti gave it to caroline to fix a spill (my fault). Kristi is on the floor eating a subway sandwhich and when shes starts to pass out, lauren asked for it. But kristi wakes up and fights for the sandwhich. I am disappointed that i am sober so i convince caroline to buy me a 40 of old e. When i get back with that 40, there is a spot on the couch open and i sit down and start talking to Bob's girlfriend, Caitlin and we get ont he topic of the Neo-conservative and liberal switch and the enviroment and all that shit. Its a fun conversation but im started to feel my 4 cosmos and the first half of my 40, so we stop talking. Kristi is still laying on the floor and she mutters "HOME!" and after a few times i realize she wants to go to bed, so i help her to bed and tuck her in. i guess the rest of the night was boring...until everyone left except me caroline and lauren. We start smoking some hookah and talking. we talk about life and whats important and like total shot boxes were real deep. Lauren has an epiphany and realizes she doesnt want to do social work. I feel happy for her. After about an hour or 2. she goes to sleep and me and caroline pass out on the couch. Very uncomfortable back still hurts.

lauren bartending

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