Saturday, February 21, 2009


Name: Kristi

Age: 20 ( in one week, like you)

Favorite Mixed drink: Margarita ( i'm mexican...)

Favorite beer: Corona ( omg im so mexican maybe i should change this...)

Favorite liquor: Tequila ....

Favorite drinking song: i don't know what this about drinking? or song to listen to while drinking? if its the first one, its kiss me im shitfaced. if its my fav song to listen to while drinking it's currently Why Don't You Get A Job by The Offspring haha

Best drunk memory or story: oh goshh..there are so many. well lets go with getting a gun pulled on me on avenue a while i was out in the rain (in shorts) looking for your drunk ass.

would you rather have a 40 or a 30? a fuckin 40 of st ides.

Random fact about you: i'm allergic to vodka but i fucking drink it anyway!!

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