Thursday, February 12, 2009

Homegirls, rain, Homeboys.

So last night. lets see. Where to start? Bottle of smirnoff. 4 people. Bottle gone in like an hour or 2 tops. Lauren was a covert bartender who was refilling out shots before we knew we had taken the one before. it was awesome. home girl michaela was over and we watched lost while kristi cried in her room and lauren slept. kristi proceeded to interrupt everytime it was off a commercial to cry on me. At some point before lost we got a handle of 16$ plastic bottle vodka but only took like 5 shots out of it. At about 10:30 i got super depressed and angry and proceeded to slam af ew shots and take off my socks and shirt and leave the apartment. I walked around the block, smoking a cigarette until i realized it was into the filter. I saw a group of people outside a bar and asked if i could bum a cig from someone. They all said i was crazy but a girl jordan or her friend offered me a cigarette and westarted talking. we talking about why i was half naked and if i was cold and shit. shes from ridgefield. i saved her from a creepy guy by acting like ive known her my whole life. It was fun. After giving my number and promising we'd hang out, i parted ways with them and got back to lauren and kristis at about 11:45. They screamed at me saying that they went looking for me and that kristi got a gun pulled on her by a man in car. After drinking more and puking a little i wandered back in the rain and passed out in bed. Thursday was a SHITTY SHITTY day. I was so naseous all day. but its ok because we started again soon.

total drinks: 10 shots
food: a honey bun all day
Drunk level: 8.5 out of 10

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