Sunday, February 22, 2009


Name: Delida "Lidie"

Age: 25 ( this is so bad already.)

Favorite Mixed drink : Long Island Iced tea of course. Its the perfect catalyst for particularly raunchy, misguided, shameful behavior.

Favorite beer: Actually, I prefer champagne (I'm kinda a gay man)

Favorite liquor: Rhymes with YUM...RUM.

Favorite drinking song: Whatever ridiculous bullshit spews forth in an Irish accent while I am immersed in my stooper.I am a belligerent leperchaun.

Best drunk memory or story: Breaking a whole in my futon after attempting a re-enactment of Pee-Wee Herman doing the Tequila dance, or Crashing of the back of my brothers futon and Mario just laughing his ass off. ( me drunk+ futons=bad news.)

would you rather have a 40 or a 30? I would rather have a bottle of pink Andre' champagne, then when I am toasty I'll drink your 40. Sorry.

Random fact about you: When kids eat their boogers I feel like I'll die.

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