Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daves Birthday

At 10:30 Me and caroline head to the mckibbon lofts for my friend daves birthday. I meet up with my friend David and we walk into the party. Theres a DJ, about 70 or so kids and the place is packed, hazy and hot. I crack open my first beer and light a cigarette. we talk for a while. And then me and Dave head out to find another party across the street.

The cops are outside so we go back inside but Kristi and lauren call me and say theyre almost there but what to do because of the cops. I tell them to come on in because a ton of people just came in with bags of beer. Just to be safe, krisit takes her I.d. and throws it behind her back to lauren who catches it and hides it. The cops stop kristi and start giving her shit but she sticks to be 22 and losing her ID. the cops just say fuck it and let them in.

Thats how i remember it happening. but Lauren had a problem with it so she re-wrote it in bullet form and relayed it to me via IM. Heres her version and the problem she had with my version

kristi threw her id to me when the cops told her to stand against the wall
she said she was 21
and she didnt have her id
not that she lost it

Theyre SO lucky. the next interesting part of the night, was towards the end. about 2am i go into daves room with caroline and we go in his little loft area above his bed and sit on the couch. theres no one up there and caroline start to pass out. We talk for a bit and then jake comes up and passes out on the floor. Caroline asks me to go get chips so i get up and go. When i return. for some reason i climb into the top part of daves room through a little window about 10 feet up a wall...I dont know why, but it seemed like a good idea. I eat some chips. drink my 5th 24oz can and suddenly have no shirt on. At some point some people are upstairs with me and caroline, and her and her friend are throwing shit at the people on the dance floor. Then she starts going through Daves shit. She finds a little baggie of pot and goes "cool got some pot" and puts it in her pocket. WTF? Really? so i get it back from her and she gets all angry and leaves. By 5 oclock. its almost cleared out and so i put on a song to end the night which im not sure what it was. after the song ends. i get onto the couch with caroline and we pass out almost immedietly.

Im awoken at 10:30 by daves alarm. I want to die. im deathly hung over. I go back to sleep until 1 when i get up, smoke a cig and start heping them clean. we fill 6 bags with cans and bags and the place is still a mess, but i have to leave. so i take the trash out and walk back to the subway.

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Caroline and Peter said...

sooo it sounds like i was the bitch who stole daves pot, which i wasn't. And i think actually Kristi through her ID at Lauren while she was talking to the cop, which is even more amazing. And i'm pretty sure your last song of the night turned into like 5 lol