Tuesday, May 26, 2009


SO. A family found my blog some time ago, and i was waiting for the heat to go down on it. But not i'm back and ill be updating a few times a month hopefully. I'm thinking ill tell some excerpts from the last few months.

-Got drunk and walked in the rain around the corner with no shirt or shoes on, proceeded to unknowingly hit on a girl by telling her she had the most beautiful blues eyes ive ever seen. Smoked my cigarette into the filter. Kristi and lauren came out to find me and a dude in a car pulled a gun on them. Honest to god.

-Left a party in brooklyn with a friend named Sarah. Proceeded to black out. Only think i remember between brooklyn and st marks place is sitting down on the floor waiting for the subway, and proceeding to fall over and lay on the floor as people stepped over me, with sarahs head in my lap.

-Others things that ill add if i remember. All i can say is that the drinking increased to about 5 or 6 nights a week. Ive slowed down to only a time or 2 a week of getting wasted.

Hope you guys stick around, there will be more updates.

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