Friday, June 5, 2009

Club in Hartford

So a few days back, me and lillie went to her friend dorians house and when were on the way, we had them pick up a bottle of JD. We play video games and drink. Suddenly the bottle is gone. Oh well. We had plans to go to a club in hartford since our friend jen had an ex boyfriend DJing that night. So we head over to jens and when we arrive, i put the last 2 shots of the JD into my mouth. Lillie complains that i didnt leave her any, so i jokingly put my lips out like i want her to just get a squirt into her mouth. She actually does come up and and take a bit. Someone just took a shot out of my mouth. EPIC. So we drive to hartford with donny and jen, in Donnys bimmer. We arrive and the manager comes over to me lillie and jen and asks us what bottle we want. we happily order a bottle of jack and sit down. They bring over he most elaborate bucket of ice, coke, and glasses. I was just going to pass the bottle around but i guess he had other ideas. Later, im out side smoking with jen and lillie when some hoodrats come over in a charger and start cat callign jena nd lillie. One says "You can haf' bof' dem to yo'se'f" so i respond by looking into the car and saying naw but i can take all three of you guys, and smiling at them and then putting my hands up like im sucking dicks and make motions like im jacking them off onto me. they get all pissed and tell jen and lillie to jump in, at which point i say, 'Don't mind if i do boys!" and try to sit down. Thats when they get agitated and we walk in. About 3 drinks in, im hungry so i go to eat with lillie and jen remarks "guess im no as drunk as you, ill just catch up." When me and lillie get back from eating, jen is nearly passed out, and boots into a few cups and then actually passes out. I take off my sweater and give it to her as a pillow. eventually the jacks gone, so i go buy 2 beers for me and lillie. Followed by 2 more. lillie drinks 1 and im left to drink the other 3. I go out to smoke a cigarette and some hot girl with an accent goes to sit down next to me bu its dirty on he ledge so i move over clean off he ledge because i'm just in jeans and shes in a while pants. But she doesn't sit on the newly cleaned ledge. She sits right in my lap. Shes a lithuanian nanny or some shit. I couldn't pay attention. From where i was sitting, i could see right down the front of her shirt so. EY OHHHHHH. But yeah, she leaves with her friend and soon after that, me jen and donny leave. As we carry donnys stuff to his car, the crowd out side claps for donny and we all feel special. We wake jen up enough to get the car and leave. When we get to jens house to pick up our car, Me and lillie make the horrible decision of driving home. Now i'm against drunk driving...but i was drunk, what can i do? so she passes me the keys and i head home. Its a little hard but i'm fine, until we reach bridgeport. With only 4 exits to go, the world turns into a kaleidoscope. Im driving 65 but it feels like 165. We get off the exit and go to andrews. I pop a another beer and a few minues later i hope back into the car and we drive home. Im feeling pretty lit so when me and lillie get home, we just pass out. It was a fun night.

Drinks: 2 bottles of jack split between 3 people plus 3 beers.
drunk level: 7 before driving, 9 while driving

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