Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday night. Milford and norwalk

So I call up schuyler at about 8 or 830pm and we head to milford CT. My co worker at the bar is having a party so we go over there. Me and schuyler arrive and eat chicken, drink, eat meatballs and tell stories about our friends. to tell some quickly, his friend was stabbed twice over the course of 2 weeks and had a frosty knocked on the ground, he was in the middle of a riot in astor place, and he got a finger in his ass at a canadian whorehouse.

We get bored and i call up caroline and see if shes bored. She is. We decide to meet up and make the amazing decision to go to my ex girlfriends party. So we trek to norwalk, and i walk in and i see a few kids i havent seen in ages. I also see a Beirut table. I call next and take off my jacket. I make my way around saying hi to everyone i know, and i grab a bottle of bacardi and make a rum and coke.

I start drinking and no sooner do i start drinking than i'm up on the table. My ex shoots a cup and i shoot right after her, making it into the same cup. Beirut we win.

***memory Lapse***
Someone challenges me to a break dancing competition. I do a little bit and get some claps. Then i decide to try something i havent in a while. A one handed hand stand while grabbing my ankles. I suceed after a try or 3. They clap and cheer. I am loved.

***Memory lapse***
my friend ean and i start putting on songs that we love and screaming the words and dancing. We play Leftover crack, Morning GLory, Against me!, blink 182 among others. We are told to stfu and stop jumping.

***Memory Lapse***
I'm in line for the bathroom. Caroline is in front of me. She goes in first and turns around and says "Youre coming in too". I pause and go in, we tell the next person that they are welcome too. They come in and he remarks "this is the weirdest thing ive ever done. I find this funny and say so. I am pee shy so when its my turn, it takes me a while.

***memory Lapse***
I call next on table and me and my ex play again. About 5 minutes into the game. our opponents ask if they get it in the same cup, do they win. I say yes and one shoots. Makes the cup, as soon as the ball is in, i grab the cup. On the way to my mouth another ball shoots in. I am sooo pissed. I walk away for 2 seconds and turn around and start pounding the cups. I drink one cup, throw it across the table. Drink another cup, throw it. I do this for the full rack. I take off my hat and scream FUUUUUUUUCK. then i go to the opponents rack and start pounding there cups. I am stopped and told its ok.

***memory Lapse***
I blow a .21 bac. Im extremely drunk.

***memory lapse***
I am sitting in the window sill with a snowball in my hand. my ex is yelling at me that if that ends up in her apartment im kicked out. So instead i just bit into the snowball and swallow it.

***Memory Lapse***
Schuyler picks me up by the leg and arm and carries me to the stairs where he opens the door and drops me down the stairs. I hit my head and back but land on my feet and run back up the stairs where he flips me upside down and pulls me to the living room.

***Memory Lapse***
We decide it is time to leave and so me schuyler and caroline head to the car. Care is really drunk (.23) and im half her BAC (.12) So i say that when we get to schuylers, im driving me and Care home. Care doesnt like this idea and fights me for it.

We get to exit 21 and schuyler stops at McDonalds. While he orders me and care go to pee. She pees practically in a dumpster and go around a corner. We get really wierd looks when we emerge from the alley.
Schuyler goes home and i drive us back to my house. My parents are still up and i talk to them for a few minutes and then we go downstairs. we watch tv and she is really drunk. I walk her upstairs to my room and put her into bed. 5 minutes later she comes back downstairs. Apparently she ran into the wall opposite my bedroom door. She wants a cigarette. I put a blanket around her and go outside. weve got no shoes on. its 20 degrees out, its snowy and rainy. Im in a teeshirt. We finish the cigarette and i tuck her in again. I head downstairs and half asleep i watch Into the blue deep or blue deep or deep blue. some stupid Paul Walker movie.

We wake up at about 9 or 10 and watch tv until she leaves at noon. She left her phone in norwalk and had to go get it.

Drunk level- at my hieght i was at a solid 8. perfection (.21-max .17 average)
Drinks- i cant even count them all. 3 rum and cokes, a beer, about 5 or 6 shots in milford, rum and coke in norwalk. 3 games of beruit, 3 coors lights, Probably about 19 total

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