Saturday, December 6, 2008

Work, Puke and feeling like i was 5

Friday night, i was slated to work at the bar that i used to work at. I show up at 10 and by 11, its all set up and i'm pouring my first drink. i toss 3 shots of whiskey into a glass with an equal amount of coke. By 12, ive had 3 of these. Looking back, i should have realized that that means 9 shots in 1 hours. Oh shit.

Its at this point, that Crystal the bartender turns to me and goes "Jager bombs." so i pour us some jager bombs. Nothing exciting happens, i go outside and smoke a cig and when i get back, I do a shot of whiskey with richi and crystal. A few minutes later, JAGER BOMB. I take a break until about 1:15, when i do another shot of whiskey, followed by a vodka and red bull. from 1:30 to about 2 i sip on another redbull and vodka

So lets recap...
Whiskey - 11 Shots (9 of which in whiskey and cokes)
Vodka- 2 shots (Vodka and redbull)
Jager- 2 shots (jager and redbull)

So anyways. Im cleaning. Im trashed. It's started to catch up to me. I go outside and my buddy schuyler is outside in his pajama pants. I invite him in and hand him a broom. I can deal with sweeping. I start cleaning glasses, and crystal tells me to come over to her house with her cousin and sister. Drunkenly i say sure and quickly finish up cleaning. If you can call it cleaning. Its probably filthy. I didnt empty the garbage. Didn't touch the bathroom...Didn't clean anything. Basically i got paid last night, to drink.

Anyways, I call my mom to tell her that i wont be bringing the car home tonight. She doesn't like this idea and tells me that i'm drunk and says shes going to pick up the car. I dont care or know what is going on. I'm in the parking lot in crystal car. And then it happens. AWESOME I LOVE THE SPINS. i open the door and puke on the floor. it is almost straight alcohol. After puking and drama that im not going to explain, my mom pick me up and we drive home. I feel quite sober now. I get home and pass out in my brothers bed.

Its 12:54 right now. I stopped drinking at 2:30 and i just blew a .03. 10 hours later, i still like 2 or 3 drinks in my system.

Drunk level: 9 out of 10
Drinks: 15

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