Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brooklyn vs Australia

I am hosting another couch surfer from australia this week. My classes ended wedensday at 5. At 5:30 Carey arrived at my dorm and nearly my first question is, "You want a drink?" i pour 2 tequila and orange juices and we start drinking. She hops into the shower and i pour myself another. At 6:15, we head to applebees with jacky and Caroline. We eat and whatever, coldstones and whatnot.

We get back to my dorm and start drinking again. I got a free bottle of tequila in return for printing this girls final in photo class soooo. Anyways at about 8:30 we head to brooklyn and go to ben and gideons. We arrive and after i clean 2 cups and pour more drinks. always more drinks.

We start to watch You better watch out but no one seems interested in a movie that the tv describes as "harry sees his dad sleep with him om while dressed as santa and then kills children on his naughty list"...Awesome movie. People are complaining though so we put on leprechaun 5. We barely get passed Ice-t breaking into a basement with platform heels, a fro and 70's style pants, before someone says its boring and we switch movies again. This time is Alpha Dog, and while we talk through the whole thing, we still realize what's going on and at the end, when everyone is silent after one of the saddest endings of a movie, Ben goes "DUDE THEY'RE TOTALLY MAKING A TRON 2"
Ben...You're a dick. Such a dick.

More drinks, corner store for more mixers...More drinks. more than half a pack of cigarettes later, the people from manhattan start leaving, so me and carey leave with them. We get on the train and jake looks like his going to fall over. I find this hilarious and laugh for a solid 4 stops. Everytime the train slows down, jake tilts but catches himself. Heather starts a game with jake,
"how many fingers am i holding up?"
Chelsea cuts in and says "THREE!"
sure enough...its three.
"and now?"
this goes on for a few more numbers before chelsea gets it wrong and the game ends. Jake starts rambling about gideon drawing his tattoo and how hes too busy being chelsea's BF and that we should cut off chelseas legs..We decide to go to gallery openings the following night and they all get off except me and Carey. We get back to my room and watch texas chainsaw massacre which shes never seen. I blow a .16 and she blows a .14. I figure this is as good of a time as any to end the night so we do.

We wake up at 7 or so and cant sleep, but somehow we do eventually. We wake up at noonish and i grab a cigarette and pour myself a shot. Awesome cure for a hangover.

Drinks: a little over half a bottle of tequila
Drunk level: Perfect 7 or 8 out of 10

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