Saturday, December 13, 2008

Finals are finally over party.

Brooklyn last night to the mckibbon lofts where a few of my friends live. I arrive at about 930 with Caroline and her roommate Jackie. Theres only about 7 people there and were just watching mission impossible III. In 45 minutes, the doorbell rings and our group doubles. 20 minutes later we get another 7 or 8 people. The lights go off, and the music starts.

It was pretty much a boring night. we sat and drank. I blew a .15 at the hieght of my night and i drank 4 24's of PBR.

At about 130, caroline and jackie want to leave so i say that i will go with them. We get to the subway and we sit for 15 minutes before we realize the L ends in bedford for some reason. FUUUUUUUCCCCK. So we hail a cab. When we get out i realize i just say Jackies phone in the cab, so i yank the door back open as the guy is driving away so i can get the phone. We go back to their dorm at NYU and we make nachos, and pizza, and chicken pot pie, and it was awesome. I pass out after feeding jackie nachos and chicken pot pie crust.

Drinks: four 24's
Drunk level: 6 out 10

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