Friday, December 5, 2008

Gallery Openings again.

At 5:10 on thursday, Caroline came over with food. I ate and poured me and caroline a drink. After im done, we leave and head to chelsea. We get to chelsea and walk into a building. We wander around until i find a fire extinguisher. Awesome....i take it off the wall and start spraying it. It tastes bad. We drop it and run. As we are going down, we run into jake and heather.

After a few galleries, me and Caroline lose jake and heather so we just say fuck it and walk back to my dorm. Caroline has an awesome idea. "LETS RUN!" so we do. ITS A HORRIBLE IDEA. half a block later, we are winded and dying. I tell her to carry me, she says no and tells ME to carry HER. so i do.

We get back to my room and i grab the bottle of vodka out of thefridge. Im out of orange juice though so i put it back. I turn on arrested development and after an episode we decide we need more drinks. We walk to the corner store and get some 40's. As for the rest of the night, all we do is drink our 40's, watch arrested development and talk about Conor Obrest being a depressed little lamb that we want to have as a pet. Then there is a knock on my dorm door. Wtf? so i stash the beer and open the door. I forgot to sign her in overnight. Its 11:30. shit.

See the thing is, i have to sign people in before 11:00 and let them know that the person is staying overnight, or else they cant stay over. So i had to sign an emergency overnight and now i cant sign people in to the building for 2 weeks. Whatever, it was worth it.

Drunk level: 5 out of 10
Drinks: probably about 5 glasses of wine, a 40 and 3 shots of vodka

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