Monday, December 1, 2008

Saturdays at kristi's house

Its saturday and i decide to make a day out of the drinking. I am hung over as shit. I go to work with my step dad and after nearly falling off a roof and puking at the dentists office, I call kristi. She isnt off work until 5 so i take a nap. I curl up in bed. More hungover than ive ever probably been. At 5, its on. I get to kristis at about 6 but we dont start drinking until about 9 when the alcohol arrives. We start with vodka and pomegranate juice. I feel like a fag. I drink it anyways.

The night goes slow. We start watching tv and drinking. Its boring. After about 2 or 3 hours, we play apples to apples. I should tell you all that i absolutely am the king of apples to apples. I win of course.

after an hour of apples to apples drinking games, we stop and shortly after, kristi passes out. Despite laurens best efforts she passes out. Oh well. Cest la vie. So i get on the other couch and lay down. intent on being comfortable if only a few people are awake. Next thing i know. I am being awoken to the warm sensation of something on my ass. Omg. is this chick pissing? I check...Sure enough. the girl that was on the couch with me had just pee'd on my ass. AWESOME. i get paper towels and then realize...What the fuck am i supposed to do with them? Dab her ass dry? wtf. So i wake her up.

"You just pee'd..."

Yes it is sad. I take off my clothes and curl up on the OTHER couch until i get new pants. i pass out and so does she. I wake up in the morning to an empty room. Kristi and lauren come and bug me and i inform them of last nights festivities. They find it hilarious. They decide to come into the city, and they drive me home so i can get my shit together.

I should take this time to say that when i woke up i immidietly grabbed my drink from the night before and started drinking again. I took the bottle of wine that we had home wiht me for the next night. In the car with kristi and her 13 year old sister, i remark that i may be an alcoholic.

Drinks- Glass of wine and a few mixed vodka drinks
Drunk level-3 out of 10

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