Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friday night

I went to Madison Square Park on friday afternoon and had a huge snowball fight with random people walking through the park. I got freezing cold and wet and after losing a camera lens in the snow (SOO PISSED), me caroline and carey went back to my dorm and started drinking. I only had vodka and no mixer so vodka and water it was. caroline had a 40 of colt 45 and carey was still hung over from the night before.

After a few drinks we head out to go to the bar and to a bookstore. Its like a fucking puzzle every time we cross a street. there is slush and puddles and wetness and very few islands of ice to jump on. We succeed when we get to the bar, we talk for a bit and drink 4 rounds or so. Carey informs us of the bum wines of australia and tell us some aussie slang. I say GIIIIT FAAAAACKED like 5 million times and it gets annoying really fast. At 10:30 we head back to my dorm to sign carey in overnight, and then head out the the bar again. We try one but they are carding so we end up down in the lower east side at this sweet fucking bar called mars bar. Its a shithole in the wall. Graffiti everywhere, no windows, one bare light bulb and an amazing selection of punk in the jukebox.

We order a round and Carey flirts it up with the bartender, ending in a free drink for her. I smell pot and i comment how something smells good. A tall fat latino man behind me says " i got blow and pot. blow and pot"
"Kind sir, i would love some but i am broke"
After another round, me and Caroline go out for a cigarette. The same man is right behind me and offers me the green hit of his blunt. Why thank you very much.

After another round we leave and head back to our dorms, Caroline goes to bed and me and Carey head back to my place. Carey is not feeling good, so i tuck her in and she passes out. I eat cheese balls and watch tv on my computer and then fall asleep.

I wake up at 11am, and pack to go home. Carey is still asleep so i leave her a note and head to carolines. I arrive and start eating jello shots from last weeks. i eat a full ice cube tray of them, and then i get a call from my mom saying that she is almost at the dorms. I'm excited to go back to CT. I have a party for a co-worker on saturday night and it should be fun.

Drunk level-7 out of 10

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