Monday, December 1, 2008

Mondays...with kristi....and lauren....sort of...

We wake up at about 10am and lauren and kristi are drinking the left over 40s. After an hour or so i grab mine and start drinking. when we are finished (1p.m.) We leave with the intention of buying me a new breathalyzer, getting food and then getting trashed. RuuuuuuuL trashed. So we go to best buy. they have no breathalyzers. Fuck me. We go to outback and eat. I see a walgreens. Sweet. I buy my breathalyzer and we head back to me room. Lauren is hungover or sick or something. she sits down and after deliberation, me and kristi go to the liqour store and get smirnoff. Before we leave, we play with the breathalyzer. It is fun. Lauren is at a .05, i am at a .03 and kristi didnt blow. Awesome. Lauren is out of commision for the night so Me and kristi go get smirnoff and head back to the room. We start a tally for the night,

7 shots-.07
8- .09
9 -.11

7 shots-.16
8- .20

That was our tally for the night. The story is as follows.

Lauren decides to leave because she isn't feeling good so me and kristi go out. We plan to meet some friends from australia at a hookah bar. When we get there, kristi hits the chair and starts to pass out. I have to slap her to wake her up. We wait for abotu 30 minutes and then i call Kamil because he lives right upstairs. When we pay, The two australian girl are just walking in so we grab them and head upstairs. I have no mixers so i just drink shots of vodka in a shot of water. It tastes like ass but oh well.

We play some Call of Duty 5 and then the australian girls leave. They are in their mid 20's and dont seem interested in a quiet 19-22 year olf get together. I am to tired to care. I Dont really feel drunk, but i feel like i should. Kristi texts me and asks to leave.

Lauren apparently went back to the bronx instead of going to CT. Kristi's parents dont like this and tell her not to come home. This upsets kristi. We talk on the way back to my dorm. I make mac and cheese and she passes out right after finishing. I watch tv and then pass out too.

I have class at 9am. I am tired but not hungover. Awesome. I love being 19. I can drink 19 shots in like 4 or 5 hours and yet not feel drunk or hungover. Great.

Alcohol may or may not have any effect on me....hmmm..This may be bad...

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