Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunday night with Kristi and lauren.

So, my mom drives me and kristi and lauren into the city. When we arrive, i crack open the bottle of wine. Kristi and lauren open the Skyy and we start drinking. We listen to music and dance. Sublime is awesome. I throw on my 3 piece suit jacket and a straw hat. good times. Long story short, my wine is gone and their vodka is almost gone. Lauren is tired. We order pizza and after FOREVER it gets here. We eat pizza and then decide to go get 40's. We need beer. We get teh 40's and start drinking. again.

Lauren is asleep by then so me and kristi crawl into bed and watch law and order until we both fall asleep. Boring. I know. Im sorry.

The before....

And the after.

Me. probably one of the only pictures you'll ever see of me.

This is kristi and lauren filming, dancing and singing.

Drinks-Bottle of wine and a few shots
Drunk level- 5 out of 10

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