Sunday, November 30, 2008

CT Thanksgiving

I can home for thanksgiving on friday night. At about 9pm i went over to my friend Matts house where we had all our parties in highschool. I show up and everyone is in the living room talking. Somehow as soon as i get there is it ruit time and we all go downstairs to the GodFather (ruit tables name). I get 3rd game with Ben and i sit and wait. While i wait I put on this pimp brown plaid jacket with a fur head and i start dancing with dana all pimp and shit. We laugh and realize we are white and i get on the table with ben.

We set up a 15 cup game and start playing. Ben decides he is driving and doesnt want to drink. Fuck. Alright. I decide to gotta clean up and i bounce ad get it in matt's drink cup. Beruit. We win. so after that game, I dont really remember what i did.

***memory lapse***
Double fisting PBRs

***Memory Lapse***
Im playing ruit with kristi. I make 3 cups in a row and the opponents tell me im leaning because i walk past the corner of the table to shoot. I ask them if i can stand here and they say yes. I shoot and i make it. I love being me.

***memory lapse***
Cops are here for some reason.
"kyle, you are the only person here i care about." and then i pull her into the boiler room where we smoke a cigarette and wait for the cops to be gone. I open the door and everyone is like right there and they all say "are you smoking a cig?". I shut the door and continue smoking.

***Memory Lapse***
Im upstairs with a beer in the pocket, and one in my hand, Nick is doing shots and hes a dick and doesnt give me one. When he turns around, i grab the bottle chug for a few seconds and put it back on the table. He has no idea. HAH ASSHOLE.

***memory lapse***
Im climbing the ladder in the garage to the beer stash. Double fisting...AGAIN...

***memory lapse***
Someone has soaked woodchips in captain morgans over night...why? i dont know but i throw some in a shot glass and try it. tastes like woodchips and rum. Go figure...

***memory lapse***
Im cutting up vicodin and doing lines. Im pretty sure this was before the capt morgans. but yeah...

***memory lapse***
I cut up like 2 more vics and a few xanax i think for other people.

Ok. end of the night. Im on the bathroom floor. I'm not puking but im real comfy. Dana comes in and starts peeing. we say a few words and then she leaves. I get up and say goodbye to everyone there, and pass out downstairs.

I wake up at 930 am and matt is waking me up. I go upstairs and sit on the couch with a giant cup of water. Were real hungover. we go outside for a cigarette. after i finish i lay down on the pavement in his driveway. a few minutes later my mom shows up. Awesome. Hungover as shit.

She tells me she is going to clean me and my brothers teeth. Fuck. Way hungover. want to die. Please kill me. I get to the office and go down to the breakroom and sleep. I puke a little but im good. She cleans my teeth and i go to work with my step dad. Fuck this, Im dieing. I get home at 2pm and lay down in bed and sleep until kristi calls me. She wants to drink. Uh oh. here we go again...

Drinks-at least 15 that i can rememeber. We think closer to 20
Drunk level: 8 out of 10

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