Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been slacking...

Since i last wrote, i've drank about 5 times. i've been slacking, i know. SO I'll start at the middle and skip some boring nights.

a few sundays ago, i took the train back from CT, and i drank the whole train ride. I just sat there, and drank my whiskey while sitting on my bag, in the middle of the train. i was horribly depressed and felt like 'that guy' at the bar. The one staring into his glass for 5 hours until he falls over and passes out. Luckily i didnt. with great dignity, i got up and walked back to my room.

Last monday, my friend Kristi came to NYC to visit me. We got drunk. Go figure. We drank for a while in my room, (whiskey and arizona iced tea) and once we were warm enough to go for a walk, we wandered down to st marks place. We grabbed some pizza and i walked into a bodega to grab a beer. as im reaching for a thing of colt 45, a big homeless man says :

"naw dude, if you like that colt 45 stuff, try this. Highest alcohol in a malt liqour you can get!"
so of course i grab a can of ST. Ides and walk to pay. The man asks for money and i toss him $0.50. I pay for the bear and i sit up on my stoop and drink. me and kristi decide to head back and i finish my beer and start on the water bottle of whiskey i brought.

We get back to my room and pass out. Boring night.

Then last weekend, i went back to CT to work, and ended up at my friend matt's house. I'm greeted with hugs and handshakes and after only a few minutes, i hop onto the ruit table with matt as my partner. we wreck shit for 3 games, but i made the mistake of take break to roll a spliff and smoke. So after that i couldnt play this damn game. I sat and sipped my whiskey and beer and smoked more.

Eventually my friend dana get her friend to come. This guy works at a pharmacy. He came in waving bottles of pills. He was tossing out Xanax and Vicoden like a fucking beauty queen float tossing out confetti and candy. It was awesome. i snorted some vicoden and sat on the couch for an hour rotating a bowl and spliff with matt and this girl Audrey.

After while i hopped back on the ruit table and im not sure if i won or lost, but eventually i found matt's couch and fell asleep.

I'm awoken at 9 am to sound of my phone. Its my step dad telling me hes on his way to get me so we can go to work. I say fine. and go back to sleep. Its about 25 degrees outside and im out working, hungover and tired, wearing canvas shoes. It sucked.

This is kyle catching skittles we used to make skittle vodka. It was nasty

This is dana. say oh hai!

More Dana.

Momma Lauren, geoff, frank and the illusive Kristi

And finally...matt. THE Matt Parry.

Um...lets see. since i last wrote, i finished off the rest of my dubra handle and a handle of jim bean. I drank another night or 2 in CT but i didnt feel like writing about them. They were akward and uneventful. Ex-girlfriend trying to talk to me while im sitting on the bed that she slept with my best friend on? yeaaaaahhh.. no thanks.

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