Monday, November 10, 2008

Boston night 1

This weekend I went to boston to visit my friend Alicia at northeastern university. I arrived at about 6 pm on Friday and at about 7 we headed out with her friend nancy. Nancy goes on a mega beer run and gets four 30’s of pbr. We start drinking. At about 5 beers I am feeling sober and over my hang over from Thursday night. At his point we head out to Alicia and nancys friends apartment.

We get to the apartment and I open another beer. I feel akward, I don’t know anyone, but then I see someone setting up a beruit table so I hop on. My partner is a tall effeminate man who has probably never played again. He barely knows the rules. We are down like 1 cups to 4 cups when they sink our last cup. I miss my shot but my partner makes 3 in a row before losing. We decide that we win no matter what they say. I get off the table and drink another beer while changing the music to good music. We listen to J Dilla and Bad brains so I am happy. Alicia leaves for a bit and I am wholly alone. But that’s ok I have PBR and we are friends.

When Alicia returns we jump on the table win a game! WOOT! At least I think we did. I cant remember. Oh well. Were both fairly drunk and Alicia says she is tired so we start walking back to her dorm. Her feet hurt so drunkenly she takes off her shoes and hands them to me, I put a finger through her belt loop and guide her back to her room. As soon as we get back we are both asleep.

Drinks: 12
Drunk level: 7 out of 10

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