Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Weekend.

Since my last post i have drank but its only been a few nights and a few drinks per night.

Halloween night i had class until 6 so at 5 i went for a walk with a girl from my class and we smoked a little and then headed back to class. I'm feeling wicked high and we head back to my room where we smoke more and drink a bit.

At about 10:15 I head to brooklyn with cute girl in tow. When we arrive, i am really high, and not drunk at all. i start my 40 and roll a spliff. The party is dead. there is only about 10 people there tops. From here on, the night is just a series of events. Here are the images i saw and the events i remember.

Drinking my 40, taking photos.

Suddenly there is about 60-70 people in this apartment and its nuts. I look across the room and there is a kid perched on a futon with a white wife beater on, bug glasses with a glowstick behind them and a plaid furry bomber hat on. He has a bottle of jack daniels in his hand and is waving it around while 3 girls make out underneath him.

Some kid is trying to give away a swig from his bottle of whiskey and at first i walk by, but then i decide...fuck it. I grab the bottle and take a few gulps.

Im out in the hallway taking photos and someone asks me what i am. My reply is "Im just wicked fucked up", and he puts a bottle of sky vodka to my lips and doesnt take it down until theres at least 3 shots in my tummy.

Im pretty fucked up and i have magically acquired a few adderal pills. i snort 2 and im magically ok again.

I'm taking more photos and my friends girlfriend is looking really trashed so i snap a few pictures and then she starts posing. Im so high and fucked that i dont know what a camera is, but the pictures i take of her are amazing. she gets a bloody nose and i photograph her with the toilet paper stopping the blood. so great.

Im skanking to Rancid and Operation Ivy, i have a 40 in my hand. i am excited.

I've acquired 3 more adderal pills and after having one put on my tongue, i snort the others.

I rolled about 6 spliffs over the course of the night so im fucking soooo high. i drank about 1 40 and at leas 5 or 6 shots.

At about 3 am, the party is winding down and me mario, cute girl and this girl sam are talking in mario's room talking and shit. at about 5 he kicks us out and me and cute girl hit the bed. Im not tired at all so i lay in bed until about 9:30 when sam wakes up. Techno has been playing for about an hour, so i convince sam to go with me to see where its coming from. Down the hall there is an apartment thats turned into a club basically. its empty except for a bunch of 30 year old losers on ketamine and ecstasy. I smoke a cigarette and then walk to the corner store to buy a beer. I want to keep this buzz going ALL weekend.

I get back and convince cute girl to go to the techno room. We drink and laugh at the middle adged creepers. We finally decide to leave, only to discover that the door to the apartment we were sleeping in is closed and locked. we sit outside for about an hour before i decide to just pick the lock. a few minutes later we are in. no sooner than when i get into bed and get warm, everyone wakes up. Ben mentions pot so im up at the table in a flash. We smoke a bowl and after sitting at the table for 30 mins, we start filtering out at about 12 or 1.

At 7pm, me and cute girl board a train destined for philly. We arrive in philly at 9. I am so fucked. Im hungover, beggining to crash from the adderal and im miserable. i decide i hate philly and that i instantly want to be home. at about 10 oclock, we get to Melodys house (previously in brooklyn adderal night and brooklyn adderal night continued). I get up stairs and crack open a beer. Awesome. I fee much better. After 2 or 3 more, i go into the bathroom and do my last adderal pill.

***Memory lapse***

Me and jake are playing Beirut (beer pong) and im killing. i sink like 4 cups in a row. we lose how ever so i buy some pot and smoke a bit. Cute girl decides to go to a bar with her friend from philly and i am left to find entertainment in philly at melodies. Melody is that entertainment. She is SOOOO plastered. she cant walk straight or talk coherently, however she is more sober than her friend dan. Dan is so shot he literally cant stand, he gets rolled down the stairs, and i pick him up and carry him up the stairs.

Once again, the night is a jumble and so here are random events:

Im on the beirut table again, and im playing swing and old punk for everyone.

Someone stole my ipod. i am angry. I drink more and sit on the floor.

Someone found an acoustic guitar and is playing Red Hot Chili Peppers. Everyone knows the words. it is fun.

There is a kitten running around.

I am drunk. I am rolling another spliff. (spliff number 4 or 5 by this point)

someone found my ipod. Sweet.

Melody is crying. She is drunk. we comfort her. She decides we are all her best friends and that she loves everyone.

There are about 9 or 10 kids taking up every inch of floor space in the living room. some are passed out and others are just sitting. Jake falls onto cute girl and me, then proceeds to pass out against the wall. at this point there are only about 3 kids left awake and i decide im ready to REALLY start drinking. So i grab some tequila and pour myself a drink. after that is gone, i make a vodka sunrise and down it.

Me and melody decide we need food. I'm on that shit so fucking fast, i whip out pots and knives and i think about making all this shit. I decide that tuna salad with apples, celery and carrots is the best thing ever. We all concur that the tuna salad i made was the most banging ass tuna salad EVER. I sit down in the corner and discover there is only 15 beers left. I also discover that i feel almost sober, despite being VERY drunk.

I calmly report to the dead silent room that i am not moving until the beers are gone. It is a blatant lie. 3 beers in and im tired and want to lay down, so i open another and sit on the floor. We discover that Jimmy (kid on bed) peed himself.

I find crutons in the cabinet. I eat them all.

***Memory lapse/Pass out***

I wake up at abotu 930 to the sound of Melody SCREAMING! she decides we all need to drink more. so we do. I shot gun a beer after sipping one, and me cute girl and jake head out to find the bus and get back to NYC. I snag 3 beers for the ride home.

I roll a spliff and smoke it on the way to the bus.

We arrive at the bus and sit down with fried chicken we just got. I eat that and drink a beer, and pass out on the train. i am too fucking tired. I awake in Jersey City and when we get off the bus in chinatown, i open a beer and wrap it in a napkin. I drink that beer on the way back to my dorm. When i arrive in my dorm i realize i have one more beer left so i roll another spliff and drink the last beer.

After a refreshing ass shower, i pour myself a double shot of Dubra vodka and after doing it, i decide that i am indeed fucking stupid. I get into bed and watch a few movies.

It is 10:12pm as i write this. After this post, i am going to pour one more shot, roll one more spliff, consume them and then watch tv until i fall asleep. Goodnight. Happy halloween.

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