Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CT For the Weekend.

So i went home on friday to see friends and do laundry and normal college shit. When i got home, i went to my friend Schuylers house. He just got a new apartment and i wanted to check it out. Minutes after getting there, i realize i am out of Cigarettes and i need to get some alcohol. So i send schuyler and Cute girl to go grab some.

I play world of warcraft and i had a raid that night. Raiding Drunk is way bhetter than doing it sober. Schuyler returns an hour later with a handle of Dubra vodka. Fucking sweet. i pour myself a stiff drink and begin drinking and raiding. An hour later, i am fairly tipsy and about 3 drinks deep. My group in WoW begins to ask if i am drunk. I insist no, Not yet, but soon.

I take a cigarette break and here is where my mind and memory gets cloudy. I remember finishing my drink and cig and getting really depressed so i poured myself 2 stiff ones and downing them fast. Just chugging them down. For the next hour i repeat this process every so often. I get the reputation of the Guild drunk in WoW and i live up to it. Schuyler gets on the microphone and tell my guild mates that i am not to be given any responsibility. A few minutes later, the server crashes so WoW is gone.

I see my friend and schuylers roomate, Allie, and so i run into her room and tell her to read my tarot cards. My question is unknown to me know but i remember it making sense and not liking the answer it gave me.

I keep drinking and dicking around on the computer. Schuyler has been gone with cute girl for a while but im too depressed to care or deal with anything. I sit and i remember saying "i need a straw. Sitting up is too much work". At that statement i should have stopped drinking. But no. i continued. I've finished 1/3 of a handle of vodka. mathamatically if i did 1/3rd of 1.75 liters, i drank 19.6 shots. Yeaaah. Bad idea? My night has fallen apart.

***memory lapse***
I am eating Wings with alli.

***memory lapse***
I am in the bathroom, kneeling by the toilet.

***memory Lapse***
I am sitting on the toilet so that i can pee in the toilet and throw-up in the sink at the same time. So attractive

***Memory lapse***
Schuyler and cute girl are in the bathroom. Schuyler says to me "Get up and get naked"
While i ask Why? i stand up and do it. He turns on the shower and i get in and lay down.

***Memory Lapse***
somehow the plug is pulled and the water is rising, my face begins to slip into the water and i nearly breath water in, but cute girl hears the bubbles and pulls my head out of the water.

***memory lapse***
Im on the floor ass naked, everyone is saying goodnight and going to bed, im wrapped in a towel and i just want to sleep right there.

***Memory lapse***
I walk down the stairs to the futon, wearing only red american apparel briefs and my hat. I get into bed with Cute Girl and fall asleep. Well more so, i pass out.


I wake up at 11ish and i am ready to go. Lets get this shit done. Im ready to drink again. i grab my cloths and go smoke a cigarette. First night ive thrown up in forever and yet the next day i've got no hang over? Damn, this does not bode well for my body.

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