Monday, October 13, 2008

Semantics and Mummy Dick

There is a show in Brooklyn/queens. I head over with Grace (australian couch surfer), stewert and chris head over to queens. We get off on the wrong stop but we see white castle. Whoa white castle. I grab me some sliders and we head out. We arrive at the show and i pay to get in. Chris can't afford it so he sits out front and skates. My memory is quite foggy but i remember smoking a joint in the front row of the show and buying and drinking a 40.

I drank and smoked a lot and petted the cats that live at the venue/apartment where we were. After a few hours i see chriss across the show, mouthing 'I GOT A JOB' and holding up dollar bills. Only chris. After rolling and smoking another joint, me stewert and grace decide to go to our friend fritz to say hi.

We arrive at fritz's and someone drops the keys off the roof. I try to catch them. I fail. While stewert deals with open a lock, i pee in a little doorway. We get into fritz's apartment and theres about 6 or 7 kids there drinking and talking. I sit down next to fritz and i see he's reading abotu D&D. Dungeons and Dragons. Oh god. I instantly want to start playing with them, but they are all too high level for me to start out with them. Im crushed. I quickly realize however that I could never play that game. its way to complicated. So instead i go to the porch and have a cigarette and drink a bit. At some point me and grace when out for more beer, so im drinking a new 40.

***Memory Lapse***

Were all inside talking about the morals of ethnic slurs and semantics. I dont know how we got on the topic of this but fritz starts talking about what he does when he jacks off or when he has sex. He has come up with a term for what he does. It is called mummy dick. He wraps his meat and 2 veg in toilet paper and depending on how tired he is, he is either just go to sleep, or after a bit, clean up and then sleep. Some Tid bits of the conversation were as follows.

"No i can't just go in a sock, i wear my clothes, i dont cum in them."
"Well what if you dont wrap it up and leave it, then you still get some cum on your boxers or sheets"
"Wait you guys dont just wrap it up and go to sleep?"
"Im just disgusted by my own bodily Fluids."
"No wait. Let me explain my self."

Among many other things. This conversation has gone on for far too long. It turned into a 30 minute conversation about fritz dick.

***Memory lapse***

We are saying good bye. Me stewert and Grace walk to the subway and catch it home. Me and grace go to the dinner and talk for a bit. I got a bacon egg and cheese. It is amazing. Then we went home and went to sleep because we were waaay to tired to deal with being awake at 5 am.

Total Drinks :2.5 40s
Drunk level: 6 out of 10
Misc: Really. really. REALLY high.

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