Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trashy time on someone elses fire escape.

Me and grace decide to go get drunk (Of course). We think about sushi which has an all you can drink sake for like 10 dollars, but we'd only have an hour to drink. Instead we walk to St. Marks Place and walk around, looking for a place to sit and drink out bottle of Svedka. As i have said before. Me+Vodka=DuRNk!@# . So anyways. We find a nice stairwell on the side of the street, between two shops whose roofs we can sit on. We climb up and sit on a fire escape which is basically a bench above the store. We sit and drink, and talk. We broach the subject of her worst story while working as a receptionist at a brothel in Aussie-land. It involves adult babies, goldenshowers and term I've never even heard. Brown Shower. I decide that for once, i have no story to top this. This puzzles me so i drink more.

After the vodka is almost gone, i start to get hungry. I walk across the street to get a slice of $1.00 pizza. I end up with a whole pie. It was 8 dollars and at 8 dollars for a pie...who can say no? I come back and we eat. She challenges me to eat half the pizza. It's only four slices and I'M AMERICAN! so yeah. I do. I end up doing like 3 and a half before i lose interest and we wander down to the bar below us. We get to the bar and he promptly pours us two beers and we walk out front to half a cigarette.

We are perplexed by the signs on the outdoor tables which say NO SMOKING. huh. This nice homeless man sitting ont he street informs us that the bartendes can politely Fuck Off so i grab the sign and toss it on the other table and light my cigarette.

We talk to our new friend, i introduce myself. His name is mike. He owns a bar in new jersey but lives homeless in NYC. I'm not sure i believe him. Im also not sure i care if its true. We talk and he mentions Fullerton California. I grew up in the area and we talk for a bit about Socal and the differences. I ask if i can take photos of him in the studio some time. he agrees and i am excited. I've seen him before and he is very interesting. He paints helocopters on the street on little pieces of scrap foam core.

We part ways and me and Grace go back to our spot on the semi roof, fire escape. I can't tell you what we talked about but we spent about 3-4 hours just sitting there and talking and drinking. At some point we decide more beer is in order and go to the liqourstore/bodega and get some more. I meet a man who is obviously homeless and drunk and he mumbles in a barely understandable voice "DO YOU LIEK ROCK AND ROLL?!" So i reply. "I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL" and me and my toothless homeless friend spend the next 45 seconds to a minute screaming " I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL. PUT ANOTHER DIME IN THE JUKEBOX BABY!" and then i pat his arm and say later brother and tell him to have a good night.

At about 4 we walk back to my dorms, and stumble past the security guard. When i get to my room, i pray my roomate is not home because we are SHIDDY (Shitty, but with an american accent apparently.) Grace informs me that i say Shitty wierd. I say it with D's. My roomate is asleep and so we decide to finish our drinks (At some point we bought MORE.) to the stairwell. We sit in the stairwell and smoke and drink. A security guard walks by and i try to hid the cigs and beer. He walks by and then turns back and says, "I dont care what you do just clean up and dont light shit on fire" We appreciate his descretion and clean up and go back to my room and pretty much pass out. I store the last 1/3 of my 24 ounce in the fridge so i can drink it in the morning.

Its 5:02 the next afternoon, and i finishing this beer. I love life. Last night was fun. Good times with Australia and St Marks.

Drinks: 13ish 4 shots of vodka, four 24oz beers, and a beer at the bar
Drunk Level: 7 out of 10

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