Monday, October 6, 2008

Snapper and new friends

Last night my buddy chris (whole nother story all together) who i went to highschool with came over from brooklyn at like midnight. or he was supposed. at 130 when he still wasnt here i was about to change and go to sleep when he called me from a number that wasnt his.

"Dude, my phone just got stolen. I was on the C, transfering to the L train, when the dude just grabbed my phone. ive been out front of your building for a half hour, come down."

After going down, it became apparent that we weren't shooting tonight. So instead we went to a bodega, and got a few beers. We sat in front of my schools other dorms and bullshitted with kids out front, skated and drank. We went back to the store a few more times for a few more beers before ending up back in front of my building. at about 3am, i went upstairs and grabbed my comforter and me and chris sat out front under my blanket, talking to this girl about life. 9/11, squatters, drugs, jobs, sex, relationships; pretty much anything we could think of. At 5 i was beat. havingbarely slept since thursday i just wanted to sleep, so i went up and crashed for an hour. At 730am, i came down and signed chris in and we went up and went to sleep. He passed out on the floor on top of clothes, jackets, books and trash and crawled into bed.

At 4:30 i wake up and almost crush chris because i forgot about him.

As i sit here now at 6:45 pm, Security is attempting to get into my room because my lock is broken and i cant open the door. This is fun. Im a hostage in my own room. Fucking sweet.

Drinks: 3 or 4
drunk level: 2 out of 10
Misc: Felt dreamy, probably from sleep deprivation and shit.

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