Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brooklyn adderall night continued.

So. after getting to my dorm at about 10am saturday morning, i left with melody and went back to jakes. I'm still totally cracked out and drunk and i cant stop talking or moving. i drink the three 16 ounce PBR's that are left and I sit on the bed and realize, im so tired. but as i lay down, i cant sleep or even shut my eyes. i get up and sit on the foot of the bed with jake while we watch daria on one side of his computer and viral videos on the other side, melody lays down on the bed and sleeps. at about 9pm (5 hours later), melody wakes up and we go get more beer. i pick up a 6 pack of olde english and we share the sixer and just talk and watch skate videos and bullshit. its a fun time. i play duckhunt for about 2 hours.

after the olde e is gone, we all head out (melody , me , jake , heather) to go to atomic wings. It is closed, we are sad. I salvage the rest of teh night by stopping at a bodega and buying another 2 40s for me and melody. As i write this, i am half way done with one and me and my roomate and his friends are watchin chapelle show. It's a good time. I figure i finish this and once i feel tired (im still wired and fucked up from last night), ill just pass out on my pile of clothes on the floor. Its a comfy bed i just set up when i got back.

drinks: 3 pbr 2 olde e, one 40. 7 or 8
Drugs: None since 8 this morning which is in the last post.
Drunk level: i feel like im at a 3 out of 10 but i should be way more.
Fucked up level: Still 10

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