Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jakes Birthday

Last night was jakes birthday. I walked over to his apartment at like 10:15 last night. When i arrive it is just Jake, his girlfriend, and this kid Stewart. I start drinking. Next thing i know theres like 15 kids in jakes tiny studio apartment. We all decide to move up to roof. On the roof we play shit like telephone and word association games. We are strange drunks. we revert back to like first day of middle school shit. its fun. At some point i finished my 40 and moved on to whiskey. Always a bad decision.
***Memory Lapse***
Suddenly i am on the roof with Gideon's sister Delida, his cousin matt, and a few unnammed kids who were just shadows at this point. Matt is playing guitar and me and delida are belting out the lyrics to every 90's song ever. Marcy Playground, Semisonic, Oasis, Len, green day, weezer...everything. I just remember this jam sesh being so awesome. Me and delida wrote a song about out friend bobby. It went somthing like. BOBBY BOYYYYYY OHHHHHHHHHHH BOOOOOBBY BOOOOOOOY. SITTING ON A ROOF, SWAYING NORTH AND SOUTH OH BOOOOOOOOOBBY BOOOOOOOOY. Yeah. Deep stuff. Me delida and chanel talked for like an hour and i decided that we should all make a band together.
***Memory Lapse**
I some how got roped into going to the bodega for more beer. I picked up an adderall pill on the way. Woot. Me and delida grab 4 40's and go back to jakes.
***Memory Lapse***
I am exceedingly drunk. I am peeing in the bathroom. I can barely stand.
***Memory Lapse***
Im laying down on the floor with delida a foot or two away, jake is passed out on his bed, and gideon and heather are sitting at the foot. Apparently gideon thought i was too close to his sister because he flipped a fuck and started screaming how i shouldn't touch her. I just kept trying to calm him down, saying that there is nothing to be mad about and shit like that. He didn't like this. I sat in jakes room until about 5 am, when i left and put delida into a cab, and walked back to my dorm.

When i got to my dorm i ran into this girl keatyn that i bummed a cigarette from once, i invited her and her friends to my room. We smoked and talked about music. I let them draw on my wall and we had a good time. At about 9:45am i finally got to bed. Good times. Happy Birthday Jake, thanks for the whiskey

Total Drinks: 9 (two 40's a few shots of whiskey)
Drunk level: 8 out of 10

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