Saturday, October 4, 2008

ADDERALL, Brooklyn, fights, PBR, Melody, etc...


Last night was my friend Marios birthday. I went to brooklyn at about 930 pm, and starting drinking. I ran into my friend Chris who i havent seen in like 3 years. I talked to him for awhile. Dude lives a crazy life.

After high school, he went to westconn (western Connecticut University) and dropped out during his sophmore year, to go to indiana with his GF. He worked in a slaughter house and photographed the dead shit he worked with on a day to day basis. After deciding indiana was not for him and that his GF wouldnt be going to NYC anytime soon, he just came here with no money, and crashed around a few places, until he found an apartment with some communist hippie writer kids.

I smoked a blunt with chris and 2 other kids. 5 mins later, we wonder where the weed went, so we rolled another joint.

But yeah um... **memory Lapse**

I drank 2 40s and im on my second 24 oz of pbr. im pretty drunk. we go across the street to another party and my friend gideon gets into a fight. i have to choke a dude against the wall to stop it and yeah. drama. WOOT. im drunk. im too drunk for drama. So i go back across the street and sit down next to this girl. i mention adderall. She opens her purse and dumps a handful of adderall pills into my hand. OH MY GOD CHRISTMAS. I crush of 3 of them (30mg) and snort them. Awesome. I feel totally fucked, but more sober now. I took a few shots of rum before i did the adderall i think. i dont really rememeber. Um.

I pester chriss to smoke and we roll another Joint. Glorious. 128oz of beer, 3 or 4 shots of rum, 2 joints, a blunt, a few addy pills. Life is AWESOME. Its about 4 am and most people are gone.

**memory lapse**

Somehow 7 (10mg pills) are gone. I didn't think i did that much, but mario says i did, and i must have. Its 7am I am sitting in marios room, pouring my heart to this kid, talking about my life and drugs, and everything. I have 3 pills left and so i open his bedroom door and usher in melody. We do the last 3 pills, and at 930, we leave marios and walk back to the subway and head to my dorm.

I am suprised there is light. i feel like the night should have just begun. i feel like i could run a marathon. I stop at the corner store and buy a sixer of PBR and as i get onto the subway, i open one and start drinking.

Me and melody talk and talk and talk. she plays WoW, i play WoW. I'm a nerd, shes a nerd. its cool. its fun. its 100mg of addy and numerous drinks.

we get to my room and my roomate is asleep. But not for long. we wake him up, scream music out my window, smoke cigarettes and make coffee. good times. good times.

Drinks: two 40's, two 24's, 4 shots of rum
Drugs:75-90mg of Amphetamine Salts (adderall substitute), 2 joints and a blunt
Drunk level: 7.5 of 10
Fucked up level: 10. Holy shit.

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