Monday, September 29, 2008

Entertainment company Party and getting taken advantage of.

On saturday, i have a interview/investors party/meet-and-greet for a start-up entertainment company i will taking photos for starting in november.

I arrive at a gourgeous house on the water, that looks like its out of a movie. This house/furniture/view/location can be described as one thing. Ballin'. Period. It's just balling.

As soon as i get there, I grab myself a beer. Which is quickly gone. At some point i may come back to this story because it is a good one, but what happens is not important, so i will skip from 6pm to 10:30 pm, and simply list the drinks i can remember drinking. 1 Heineken, 2 margaritas, 3 shots of patron, 2 vodka and cranberries, 1 assorted drink i dont remember what was in it)

I'm 9 drinks deep and i call my friend schuyler. We decide to meet at a local bar/restaurant. At some point i must have given cute girl the keys because she is driving. When we arrive, i order 21 wings and a water. Schuyler arrives and orders a beer. I look at him quizzingly and say "2 beers. 2. I want one." or something to that effect. He orders 2 and i am happy.

My wings come, my beer is gone. I am drunk. i powerhouse through half the wings and then realize i have to pee. When i get up to go to the bathroom, i realize how drunk i am. Oh my god. i cannot stand. this is not good. i should start eating when i drink.

I arrive back at the table and eat a wing or 2. suddenly my beer is half full. This is confusing but i think nothing of it.

***Side Note***
Schuyler has been ordering new beers. the total for the night on the bill was 4 or 5 so thats where the half full beer came from.

I take a 50 out of my wallet, throw it on the table and get up to smoke a cigarette. I have difficulty walking, standing, talking, moving etc.

****memory lapse****

It is morning. My cat is meowing in my face, and rubbing my face with her nose. Cute cute cat. After thinking about it for a while and petting my cat, i vaguely remember the night before.

Cute Girl and me started hooking up and I'm fairly certain we had sex. I had morals and ethics pertaining to sleeping with this particular girl, but then i got drunk. Fucking alcohol. I can barely remember what happened during but i remember the act and smoking a cigarette after. Oh no this is not good.

Creepy eli and drunk girl.

Richie and his bitches.

5 minutes later, my step father is yelling at me, telling me to get in the car, he needs help with work. uuuuuggggghhhh. so i get up put on pants and go to work.

By the way...its about 9 am. I am hung over. He plays with a nail gun and saw for a few hours at work. Fuck. My. Life.

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