Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rooftops and sunsets

Yesterday after class i got a call from a kid from my class who said he was having a party, so of course I round up jake and his girlfriend heather and we head over to Kamil's apartment. We get there with a handle of georgi vodka and sprite. theres only like 5 people there and we're all just smoking and drinking and talking. After about 6 or so shots, we decide to walk back to the dorms, i think with the intention of getting my cigarettes. I'm not really sure. But a few minutes later were back at the dorms. People go in to use the bathroom and whatever. As were walking back to kamils, i see a girl from my photo and other classes. I thought she was cute so i was drunkenly sreaming
"HEY! I KNOW YOU! YOU SHOULD COME! WERE GOING TO KAMILS ROOF! LETS GO", I expected some resistance and had lines ready to convince her.

None were needed. she promptly hung up the phone and walked with us. i remember nothing but being back at kamil's and having the sprite/vodka mix being gone from my bottle. I was sad. After rolling a joint and drinking a bit more. Me and Cute girl were the only ones on the room. Kamil was there but he kept leaving and coming back and leaving. At about 3 am we think its about time to leave. So we start the walk from Kamil's roof to his apartment. I see a door. it has a button. I push the button. Its a doorbell. 3 hipsters answer the door and offer me a bluemoon after i make it apparent that i need more beer. We get to talking and i realize i want to kick one in the face. I mention leftover crack and choking victim and c squat and he starts making fun of me. This gay little hipster kid. Luckily Cute girl sees the bottle in my hand and takes it from me saying..No. No. Stop. i wasn't going to hit him, come on. But he deserved it.

So after we leave gay hipster heaven and those kids, we walk back to the dorms. some where about 4 blocks from the dorms, she tells me that she has left her keys in her room so she can't get in since she doesn't want to trouble her roommates. I offer to sign her into my room and let her sleep there. There is one problem with this idea.

My school doesnt allow visitors to be signed in after 11 oclock unless you fill out an overnight form before 11 pm. Here it is. 4 or 5 am and we cant fill one out now. So we sit.

We sit on the stoop across the street for 2 and half hours, me drunkenly slurring my words and she soberly and politely laughing at my horrible drunken antics.

At 7:30 am. we are finally allowed to go in. I fall asleep seconds after hitting the bed and we sleep.

I wake up at 1 oclock and we talk. im hungover. i am not happy. i walk all over manahattan hungover and in pain. it is not fun.

Total Drinks:10-11 drinks
Drunkness: 7.5 out of 10
Food: Very little.

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