Monday, September 29, 2008

CT for the weekend

I went home this weekend with Cute Girl in tow and so on friday night, we got into my town at about 9pm. My mom came and got us at the train station and when i got home she informed me that there was a party at our house for the presidential election.

I walk in and go to my old room and start going through my old shit. Me, cute girl and my mom sit and talk in my room, when my stepfather comes into my bed room and says. "theres a bottle of the alcohol that makes you hallucinate...the stuff thats been illegal for the past 50 years....whats it called?"


I immediately jump up and go to the kitchen and pour myself a shot. I'm dissappointed that after one shot and smelling it and all that, that i realize this is not absinthe but rather some german vodka/gin type drink. I pour myself another shot just to be sure it is not absinthe. It still isnt. I go back to my room, and after going through my closet and telling my mom i need her to clean out my flask thats been in my closet for 4 months with vodka and berries in it, i leave to go to work at my old bar.

At 10:30 i arrive at work. Everyone misses me, blah blah blah, hugs, etc. I set up what i need to, and go to the back room for a beer and a cigarette. After i do that, i go upstairs and see my old bartender, Crystal.

Crystal and me used to do jager bombs like water on a bi-hourly basis when i worked there earlier this year. So of course i pour us a few and we do them.

I'm downstairs again a while later, and i'm drinking another beer.

I'm upstairs again for another jager bomb.

At 1:45 the bar closes and I clean up. At 3:30 I am home.

I go to sleep after playing call of duty for a few hours

Drinks: 8 (2 'absinthe' shots, 3 jager bombs, 3 beers)
Drunkness: 6.5 out of 10
Food: enough.

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