Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hipsters House #2 and artichoke pizza

Kamil is a horrible person. he is never on time. Last night i spent from 8 until almost 10 waiting for him to be done at a diner. When i finally got the call, i immediately leave my dorm and head to his apartment.

I arrive with my friend from boston, Alicia, in tow and we promptly ask when we are getting beer and whether we can even get hard alcohol at this hour. We cannot.

So we walk to the little corner store bodega and grab 3 6packs. He gets corona, i get PBR and olde E. I am happy.

As we walk up the stairs of his apartment, we hear loud music coming from hipster's apartment and so once again, i see a button and i press it. We are welcomed in without a second thought and i throw the beer in the fridge and start drinking.

There are about 5 guys and 5 girls at this apartment. Me and kamil are the only 2 positively straight men there. I find this entertaining. Gay people are the absolute funnest people EVER to hang out with.

I spend about 30 minutes talking to this gay man brian who after hearing me interact with alicia and hearing me talk for no more than 3 minutes, knows everything about me. I find this terrifying.

I dont remember a little bit in here but the next event i can remember is me peeing in a sink while alicia is peeing in the toilet and someone is banging on the door. Her pee was very yellow. I know this because she kept saying it. over and over and over and over and over and...

We begin to talk to a thoroughly intoxicated blonde woman who i propose, probably has the iq of a burnt piece of toast. She is a Finance Major from Oregon University or something. She is constantly nearly spilling her totally full bottle of newcastle. Every 5 seconds i move over and grab the neck of the bottle to keep it from spilling on her dress. She gets up to go to the bathroom and we hear a giant crash. I look over and she is on the floor. She gets helped up. She saved the beer from spilling so all is well. 15 seconds later. BANG. She falls didnt seem THAT drunk.

We are then told that we all must leave because this girl berry is tired and has been puking for a few hours. We dont leave. we sit in the kitchen listening to miley cyrus and the doors (i dont get it either) and then finally leave. As im leaving i make plans to meet up with cute girl from the other night and our friend spencer. We meet up at a pizza place and cute girl seems angry. Not sure why. But anyways. we decide its probably best to just all go home. so we do.

They take the subway and me and alicia walk. As we are walking i see a guy carrying a pizza box and realize we are right next to Artichoke. A pizza place specializing in artichoke and spinich pizza. I wait in line for about 30 minutes for 2 slices of this pizza. Before i eat it, i walk all the way back to my dorm.

After that i remember alicia dropping her pizza on the floor, and me getting into bed. and then i woke up. And thats my night last night.

Total drinks:4
Drunkness: 2 out of 10
Food eaten that day: HAH! a little ramen

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