Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lightning Bolt in Brooklyn

After writing yesterdays post, i recieved a call from a good from highschool telling me to get my ass to brooklyn for the Lightning Bolt show. I poured myself some coffee, grabbed a bagel and a cigarette and hit the road. About an hour later i arrived in brooklyn (myrtle ave). As soon as my feet hit the stairs i could hear the music. Loud droning black metal. Not my deal. I pay to get into an abandonded lot under a subway overpass and find my friends. I convince them to go the corner store with me. I buy a 40. I drink it. I fix the hang over from the night before. I am happy.

That's pretty much it. the show was sick. i went back to my friends apartment, showered, played cards, and took the L back home. Boring night as far as alcohol goes.

Total drinks: 1 40 .oz
Drunkness: 1 out of 10
food: sandwhich and some other stuff

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