Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My backround.

My name is not Johnny Walker, I am however a 19 year old art student living in NYC. I grew up in a fairly affluent part of the US known for it's famous people, rediculous expensive cars, pot smoking and which is known as the 'underage drinking capitol of the world'. Coming from this area, we had nothing better to do but drink, drink, and drink. And trust me, we fucking did it. These kids had money out the ass, drove cars nicer than some peoples houses and had no idea what money was except that you could turn it in for alcohol. I drank heavily for the first time during my sophomore year of high school, so by my area standards I started late. The first time I drank heavily nothing exciting happens, I fell asleep in my bed, knew where i was the next morning and got hung over. No big deal. In this blog I will attempt to chronicle everytime and everything i drink from now on. I'll also try to throw some stories in for nostalgia from my past. No matter how boring or exciting, everything here is true.

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