Monday, November 10, 2008

boston night 2

On Saturday we wake up at about 10 am and go visit Nancy at her work at about noon. Nancy pours me a bailys and coffee, I think I love Nancy. After were done eating im no long hung over and I feel great. I decide that I can live in boston if need be. We get back to alicia’s and she passes out all day long. At about 11 we head to my friend meagans house. Meagan and me swam together for about 8 years and she was the manager of my high school swim team for 3 years. Meagan is like my sister and when I get there she shows off my rib tattoo about every 3 mintues.

About 4 or 5 beers in, I go outside and smoke a cigarette. I make friends with 2 girls and a guy who are out front smoking too. One of the girls is very drunk and falls down on the stairs. They invite me upstairs to the wrestling party that is going on. I agree that this could be fun and I join them up there.

When I get up side is a typical college party. Beer pong, loud music, bros and ho’s. I try to get on the ruit table but the ball went out the window 10 minutes ago. Damn, instead I tell the guy who brought me upstairs “any chance I can get a drink from someone?” he tracks down a bottle of vodka and fills a shot glass and then hands it to me. I drink it and because he is pouring out shots for about 7 people, doesn’t notice me putting the shot glass back on the table and he refills it and hands it to me again. I do this again. I totally snaked 3 shots from this pour boy. After everyone takes their shot I say that I have to go back downstairs and that they just texted me and miss me. I tell him to come down and then I leave.

When I get back downstairs everyone likes my story and laughs. I am happy. I Realize we are listening to shitty music and I jump on the 3 ipods that are there on the table. I find 3 good songs on each ipod and start playing DJ. Everyone is pumped about my selections. I feel happy again. I sing ludacris and NWA. Everyone is impressed that I know the lyrics to EVERYTHING. I keep this going until me Alicia and this girl Christine go downstairs for a cigarette. When we get back upstairs, Everyone is gone or asleep. After about 20 mintues Alicia says shes going to leave and that I can stay if I want. I do want to. Alicia leaves and I sit in the kitchen talking to Christine about music and shit. I’m impressed by her ipod she has hanson and xbxrx. This is an odd combo. I show her a few bands and about 6 oclock we look at each other and say. Its could be dawn right now. That could be sunlight. At about 7 she says shes going to bed. I’m ready to start drinking now and I sit on the couch for a while before I decide I should probably just go back to Alicia’s. Alicia tells me not to hook up with Christine and I decide that this is a good idea and that I don’t really want to. So instead, I walk back to alicias at 7:15 am. I arrive at alicias and after an hour long discussion of why I am a horrible person and why I should probably never leave my hour again, we fall asleep.

Drinks:12 or 15…not sure
Drunk level:5 out of 10

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